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We need your help. 

Alright, friends … here’s an opportunity to make something awesome happen. We’re working towards packing and sending over 100,000 meals to an area of the world with great need. Our hope is that these meals provide relief to an area in dire need when the moment comes. As of right now, the meals will likely end up in the Horn of Africa or in Haiti. We will know the final destination for the meals a little closer to packing time. The food will land in the hands of experts who know how to best distribute need to that area. They’ll also be working in connection with area churches to make relational contacts.

Here’s what really gets me excited about this. In addition to the good that will happen with the meals -  this project enables hundreds of people to discover a need and discover that they can be a solution to it. They will get to be a part of seeing what a large scale relief effort looks like. Everyone from kids to older adults will be able to pack the meals, load the docks and make a difference. We’ll be packing the meals at GO! Camp June 5 and 6th in Henderson, TN as part of what is shaping up to be an unforgettable week. You’re welcome to come by and join us.

We need to raise some major funds in order to make this possible, but I know we can do it. Join us and spread the word.

Pitch in at . You can give to my campaign page here.

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